Help for the Guarani




We are Adeline Blain and Aylin Sahin, international human rights lawyers and political scientists. We decided to create Wave on, a NGO who aims at protecting the Guarani, an indigenous tribe victim of a real genocide in Brazil.

This indigenous tribe, which is the most numerous in Brazil, lives between five countries: Brazil, Bolivia, Uruguay, Paraguay and Argentina. However, it's in Brazil that their living conditions are the worst.

« We are dying, each day we are dying and Brazilian rulers have been killing us with pens, cattle, with soy, with sugarcane... » 
Inaye Gomes Lopes, Guarani Kaiowa leader

Despite Brazilian government commitment, the large majority of ancestral lands have not been clearly identified. The Guarani are systematically victims of violent expropriations by transnational agribusiness companies. They transform their sacred lands in sugar cane fields, GMO soybean fields and intensive livestock farming. Then, land and water, which are essential to their survival are devastated by deforestation and polluted by the increasing use of agrochemicals (pesticides, insecticides, etc.)  

They are dispossessed of their lands and they have no choice but to live on tiny parcels of land by the side of the road under plastic tarps or in overcrowded camps. Socially destroyed, they face extreme poverty. Today, they suffer from malnutrition and lack of access for drinking water. In order to get food, many of them are forced to work for the multinationals who expropriated them. Their working conditions are similar to slavery. Underpaid, and most of the time unpaid, they often work 12 hours a day in plantations or factories. They live in poor housing with deplorable sanitary conditions.

In addition to this extreme poverty, they suffer from the violent actions of multinationals militias, police and army. There has been an increasing number of reports about murders without prosecution of the perpetrators. Guarani leaders are targeted and murdered on a regular basis.

Today, the average lifetime of Guarani people in Brazil does not exceed 45 years. Moreover, as a result of an increasing social fragmentation, the suicide rate among the Guarani is the highest in the world for indigenous people, affecting mainly young people under the age of 20 who can't see a bright future through this tough situation.

Facing this genocide, we struggle to alert people. We can make things change. It's up to us! Let's act to ensure respect for their right to land, to access water, food and healthcare.

This is the purpose of our project. It consists in carrying out a field study. We are planning to investigate on the field for a month. There, we will meet the Guarani, their assemblies and the NGOs who support them on a daily basis. We will report the problems faced by the Guarani with pictures and videos to establish real evidences.

Our report will give us direct access to the United Nations protection mechanisms. It will also allow us to meet NGOs specialized in humanitarian law and development rules to set up assistance programs.

Besides, we are planning to launch a mobilization campaign and carry out a major information campaign. We are also planning to meet national and international institutions, press, NGOs and the public. Bear in mind that some other indigenous people are now better protected and enjoy better living conditions thank to the mobilization of people who succeeded in raising awareness about their problems.

We need your support to help us fight for their cause. 

A million thanks for your support!

« Tout groupe humain prend sa richesse dans la communication, l’entraide et la solidarité visant à un but commun : l’épanouissement de chacun dans le respect des différences »,
Françoise Dolto

Adeline BLAIN, Aylin SAHIN, Wave On